About Xing

Xing is an app which is integrated with Evernote. So, you can plan your travel with Evernote by leveraging its rich feature set apps. And with Xing, you can download all your notes to Xing, for your offline reading. And note just read the notes during your travel, when setting destinations with each of your notes, Xing can automatically sense the location where you are and remind you which notes you should read when you are approaching one of destinations. It is convenient and saves your time to find information you need. 

And after your travel, just an easy button, you can generate a beautiful web timeline and share with your friends easily. 

Xing is the best the travel guide app, it turns your notes as your travel guide, it knows what you need and when you need, and saves your time. 

Xing's major features:
  1. Well integration with Evernote. Full sync of your notebooks and notes. You are able to read your notes offline when you are abroad. 
  2. Easy to categorize your notes with your travel destinations. For example, Efflel Tower, or Louvre Museum for your travel in Paris. 
  3. Integrates with iPhone GPS sensor, automatically remind you of information you need on time and on place.
  4. Generate a beautiful web timeline and share with your friends without an effort. 

For any idea, feedback, or questions, feel free to contact us. 

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