Step 3: Assign destinations

By leveraging iOS's region monitoring feature, Xing will monitor the destination you set, and when you are approaching one of destinations, Xing will automatically remind you and show you the notes which are belong to that destination. 

To create a destination, in the notebook content view, tap the + button:

Second, enter the name or address of your destination, if system finds any related item, it will show you in the table below, pick up the one which is closest to your destination. Then your destination will be marked on the map. Tap next to go to next step. 

Third, pick the notes which are related to this destination, then done. 

Once a destination is created, there will be a new card on the top row. You can swipe left and right to select one of destinations you want to view.

Tap one of the destination card, it will show the notes belong to this destination. This is a quick way to find your notes based on the destination you want to go. 

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