Step 2: Browse your notes

Xing is a gesture based app. Basically you can use swipe and tap to walk through the entire app. 

To view all your notes, just swipe up to bring in the notebook content.

In the notebook content view, each notes are categories into different tags you gave in the Evernote. You can browse each tag by just tapping on the tag name, the table will expand and show the notes which are marked with the tag. Then, just tap the note, it will show the note content. 

If you don't have any tag in your notebook. That is fine, you still can find all your notes by tapping the top-right icon in this screen. 

But we still encourage you to tag your notes, since it will be easier for you to find your notes.

When you are viewing the note content, you can also swipe left or right to switch to previous or next note in the same level. It is a convient way to browse the related notes. 

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